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Arch extenders, tuning or practicality?

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It is probably very difficult to give an unambiguous answer, the edge is very barely noticeable, and sometimes it is absent at all. Of course, a lot depends on the specific situation and the reasons why it was decided to install the arches, except when they are included in the standard equipment of the car. Quite a few details in the family of body auto tuning can boast, in addition to the aesthetic component, also practical functionality. If anyone has not encountered, do not assume that the pads on the arches are installed exclusively "for beauty" when the expanders are part of the kit of the body kit or in cases when the so-called wheel removal outside the body is made as a result of installing disks of a larger radius or installing wheel spacers to expand the track.

The reasons for their installation are much more, for example, the wing edge exposed to corrosion is covered with linings on the arches, as an example, narrow linings on the arches of the Audi Q7, whose owners often face this common problem, in this case, the linings perform a minimum of aesthetic functions, the wing extensions also practically do not increase, but they perfectly overlap the edge of the arch, which is constantly rusting. In this case, the proposed pads are an excellent solution to this problem, they are glued on a special mounting adhesive, which after solidification is converted into rubber, thereby ensuring reliable fastening of parts to the car body and completely seals the edges of the arches from the re-appearance of corrosion.

A large number of arches can be attributed to the wing linings, these are details that, having a small departure relative to the body, have a large area adjacent to the arch, these include the linings on the arches of Mercedes ML W166 that have an aesthetic component and at the same time provide, albeit small, but still protection of the body from throwing dirt, they also include the predecessor, the Mercedes ML W164 expanders. Such pads are mounted on the car body by gluing it and do not require drilling, while a rubber seal on the edge of the parts will not need to be used due to the fact that the applied mounting glue after solidification will perform the function of a sealing profile, and at the same time will provide reliable fastening of the part, the only disadvantage of such fastening is the complexity of dismantling parts that can only be removed by cutting along the seam of the glue and after dismantling the parts on the body, traces of glue remain in the place of gluing, which are very difficult to remove, on the other hand, having decided to install expanders due to the need for the width of the body or for aesthetic purposes, the decision to dismantle them is unlikely to appear. The pads with a small departure and adhesive mounting can also include quite popular expanders for the restyled Mercedes GL X164 and not a few other expansion kits for the Pajero Sport, VW Touareg of all years of production, as well as a popular kit with a sufficiently large departure but the adhesive method of attaching expanders for the Pajero 4, the list of similar kits can be continued for a long time, it will be more informative to read it in our catalog.

Separately, we will highlight the arches that have practicality in the first place, that is, providing a large additional departure relative to the body for cars that operate most of the time in off-road conditions, for example, with a 150 mm departure of the Nissan Navara arch, or with a 110 mm extension for VW Amarok. Such arches, having a large span, have a flat surface similar to the above-mentioned overlays on the arches, that is, they are not decorated with anything, but this is rather an exception because arches with a large extension and a decor in the form of false bolts are quite popular, such arches do not have the official name "Bushwalkers" according to the ancestor of the style of the North American company Bushwacker, such arches have a decor in the form of false bolts with a semicircular hexagon head, among them in our catalog you can distinguish very popular arches on Toyota Tundra or in the same style expanders on Dodge RAM, and arches are not very popular on the updated Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, as well as similar to Bushwalkers but not being E&G expanders on Hummer H2, a feature of which can be called the extension of the arch passing into the mudguard, as well as the dual purpose of false bolts, since all arches from Bushwacker bolts are only a decor, and in the case of arches from E&G, the bolt is also a fastener due to the fact that the bolt landing pad is located close to the plane of the body. Overlays on arches with a transition to a mudguard are far from uncommon, for example, the extension of the Range Rover body also has mudguards in the kit, that is, the expansion of each arch smoothly turns into a mudguard. There are arches with other interesting functionality, so in our practice we had to develop an extension for the Range Rover Sport, due to the features of the body, they had to be made in such a way that each of the arches smoothly turns into a cover on the door, thus connecting with each other.

Apart from the family of body extensions are parts for the car brand Gelandewagen (Gelandewagen), in the case of which they are also a standard body part on the basis of which many different tuning solutions are made, for example, standard arches have a departure of about 60 mm, and the most popular of the derivatives are parts with a departure of 120 mm AMG arch extenders on G-Class W463, tuning and a standard body element in one person, these arches are otherwise mounted on the car body on regular seats with the use of standard fasteners and standard rubber seals, at the same time, neither the mudguards nor the fenders on the car need to be changed. But there are perhaps the most unusual extenders for the popular "Gelik", an extension of the Widestar G-Class W463 body from Brabus, which includes not only the already familiar arches, but also the expansion of doors, door posts, wings and even the space between doors and thresholds, as well as the fuel tank hatch. Including on the Gelendvagen there are arches with the already mentioned illumination of the thresholds in the places where they fit.

The area of tuning affecting the expansion of the body is constantly multiplying and expanding, not only on a new car, but also on cars that have long been familiar in the road flow and have become commonplace. When making a decision to improve the appearance of your pet, or because of necessity, be sure to consult with the seller, which arch extension is optimal for you to put, what options to complete them, for example, whether to put the arches on glue and refuse drilling, or do without glue and put a rubber seal instead, but drill the arch from the inside because in most cases, not every option is suitable or acceptable. At the same time, try to understand in the conversation how competent the seller is, as a rule, when communicating, competence is immediately visible and the final result depends on this to a greater extent. Well, in the end, be sure to choose the right installation workshop, it is desirable that it is a workshop with experience in installing non-original tuning. If an ordinary car service or a dealership workshop is even able to install the kit you purchased, then the result may not always meet your expectations.

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