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Body parts for tuning BMW 3er (E46) '1998-2007

BMW 3 Series E46 tuning Prior Design
Pre-order 3-7 days BMW 3 Series E46 tuning Prior Design
Price: 24,000 руб.
Body parts for tuning BMW 3er (E46) '1998-2007

BMW 3 Series E46 '1998-2007 - the fourth generation of the BMW 3-series. The E46 sedan appeared in 1998 and replaced the previous E36 model. And in 1999, they began to produce E46 in station wagon and coupe bodies. A year later, in 2000, a convertible and M3 appeared, in 2001, 3-door hatchbacks began to be sold.
The sedan underwent a restyling at the end of 2001. The car received new headlights, bumpers and new, more powerful engines. In March 2003, the convertible and coupe were updated, they also received different head optics, bumpers and new body paint colors.
Compact hatchbacks were the first to be removed from the assembly line in 2004. In mid-2005, due to the introduction of the E90, BMW E46 sedans were also discontinued, and at the end of the same year, the production of station wagons was completed. Production of the BMW 3er E46 continued in the coupe and convertible bodies, until at the end of 2006 they were replaced by the next generation of the E92 coupe and the E93 convertible. The new generation of the M3 coupe was presented in March 2007 at the Geneva Motor Show.