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Delivery Information from Avtorestyler.ru

We send your orders through transport companies, while delivery is possible to all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as the republics of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, please specify the more precise geography of delivery.

Frequency of sending orders: weekly, 2-4 days a week.

The primary packaging of parts in film and their delivery to transport companies is carried out free of charge.

Sending your order is possible by: 

1). Only in wooden packaging (pallet board, crate):

  • TC Business lines;
  • TC PEK (First Forwarding Company);
  • Baikal service Shopping Center;
  • TC ZHDE (Zheldorexpedition); 

2). In wooden packaging and in cardboard: 

  • TC GTD (formerly TC KIT, Sperm Whale);
  • TC Energy; 

3). In stretch film:

  • TC SDEK.

*We also ship certain categories of goods (due to certain size restrictions) to the countries of the European Union, North and Central America, and also the countries of the Middle East.