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Body parts for tuning Ford Focus 2

Ford Focus 2 '2008-2011 plastic hood Exclusive
Pre-order 3-7 days Ford Focus 2 '2008-2011 plastic hood Exclusive
Price: 18,000 руб.
Body parts for tuning Ford Focus 2

The second generation of the Ford Focus model debuted in 2004, the car uses a platform on which the Volvo S40, V50 and C70, Mazda 3, Mazda 5 and Ford C-Max are also built. The car has a very successful suspension design, which owes its origin to the first generation of the car, as well as the second generation has the same body type as the first. The model received a completely new front and wheel arches, embossed hood and door surfaces, updated rear bumper, many interior elements, optics and mirrors. The additional equipment of the model was improved, a spoiler for the fifth door and noise insulation of the wheel arches were added. From the first generation, only the body profile and the roof remained. Officially, 2008 is considered the year of restyling, although the Focus Mk2 in a restyled body went into production in December 2007, after the restyling, only the roof and rear of the body remained unchanged. The car was produced until 2011.