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Visors on the windshield

Hummer H2 front roof spoiler Geiger
Pre-order 3-7 days Hummer H2 front roof spoiler Geiger
Price: 12,000 руб.
Visors on the windshield

Visors on the windshield, a brutal element of tuning for Hummer H2 and SUT for cars from 2002 to 2009, have a wide range of functionality, from a direct purpose for partially limiting the penetration of sunlight into the car interior in bright weather, as well as improvements, that is, tuning the appearance, to the functionality of a "chandelier", that is, a body device for installing additional optics, lighting elements of various kinds, on the roof of the car. They are made of durable reinforced plastic, are supplied for painting, installation on the roof in most cases by drilling.