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Body parts for tuning VW Amarok 2N 2010-2023

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Volkswagen Amarok '2010-2016 arch extenders Delta 4x4
Pre-order 3-7 days Volkswagen Amarok '2010-2016 arch extenders Delta 4x4
Price: 16,000 руб.
Body parts for tuning VW Amarok 2N 2010-2023

Volkswagen Amarok became the first "pickup truck" of the VW concern and the first "European" pickup truck. The decision to start production of Amarok was announced back in 2005, but the pre-production version was only in 2009, and went into production in the following 2010. From similar pickups, the Amarok differs in driving qualities, with a "passenger" bias, and the same interior design. Traditionally for VW, the car is richly equipped, plus it has an impressive list of options. Amarok is produced in five versions: with a single cab, three versions — with a double cab (DoubleCab) in different configurations: from utilitarian to luxury. As well as a "charged" Amarok Canyon with improved off-road training and an appropriate design package. The restyling of the model was introduced in 2016. Externally, the updated Amarok differs from its predecessor in different graphics of the headlights, the design of the radiator grille, the shape and appearance of the bumpers.
Here we offer body parts and spare parts for tuning Volkswagen Amarok in the 2H body produced from 2010 to 2016, as well as from 2016 to 2023.